Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Super Kids' Bonus Ability: Invisibility

Role-playing games allow players to suspend disbelief and consider what it would be like to have extraordinary powers.  Most people have likely thought about what it would be like to have the power of invisibility.  Two upcoming super kids - Ghost and Mirage - will have this power.  Through them, players will imaginatively explore what it's like to go unseen.

Invisibility is a tricky power to conceptualize using the Hero Kids' system.  If anyone's ever played a character with invisibility before - consider D&D 5e's greater invisibility - you know what a game changer it can be.  In developing the ability, I wanted to retain the benefits of going unseen, while not making it too overpowered for combat and skill tests.  

For Super Kids, invisibility is a bonus ability that is active at most times, with the exception being after the character attacks.  Upon attacking, the character becomes visible.  If they do not attack on their next turn, their invisibility is reactivated.  

Invisibility could also be used to easily overcome Dexterity (Stealth) tests.  As I've conceptualized invisibility, though, the invisible character will have a "shimmer" outlining them - picture the cloaked alien in the movie Predator.  Overcoming an Intelligence (Perception) test at difficulty 5, means that others are able to determine the location of the invisible character.  Determining location, though, does not mean being able to see the character.  Therefore, should someone try to attack an invisible character after determining their location, they will need to roll their attack twice and hit both times to do damage.

There are, of course, other ways to overcome invisibility, or at least help pinpoint an invisible character's location.  Creative solutions include widely dispersing a substance like water, paint, or flour to outline the invisible character.  Using other sensory powers and normal senses like scent, thermal vision, echo location, hearing, touch, and tremor sense can also work.

In spite of having its "weaknesses," invisibility remains quite powerful.  I'm certain it will be a much sought after Super Kids' bonus ability.