Wednesday, 10 May 2017

World-Building Fun: Capital City

I'm juggling multiple Super Kids' projects at the moment.  These include 3 adventures, a new set of character cards, supervillains and minions character cards, and setting information for Capital City - the main location of Super Kids' adventures. Super Kids is set in a not-too-distant future version of our own world. In breathing life into Capital City, my goals are fourfold:
  1. Plant adventure seeds;
  2. Offer a physical, social, geopolitical, and historical backdrop for adventures;
  3. Give GMs something fun to think about and work with; and,
  4. Provide players with a cool backdrop against which to imagine doing extraordinary things.
To pull this off, I'm developing the geography of Capital City, noteworthy historical events, key NPCs, and important locations.

I've elected to use a mature writing style. The intention is to make the writing engaging for those who will be reading it - adults - while presenting core ideas that will resonate with players. Here's a sample of the writing, describing how Capital City acquired its name:
In 1950, the first annual World Peace Congress was held in Salvatore – a coastal, cosmopolitan metropolis. Two agenda items were discussed and voted on. The international delegation first concluded that a worldwide governing body was necessary to deal with the planet’s growing challenges. This body was to be named INTERGOV. Second, delegates decided the new government’s headquarters was to be located in Salvatore. A year later, INTERGOV opened its headquarters. To mark the occasion, Salvatore was renamed Capital City – the first formally identified capital of the world. For the citizens of Capital City, trouble has followed ever since. Those bent on world domination have focused much of their effort on the capital. As a result, the proud citizens of Capital City have lived under strenuous conditions, while the rest of the world watches in awe at the city’s accomplishments.